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What is New in ISO 14001:2015 Comparing ISO 14001:2004?

What is New in ISO 14001:2015 Comparing ISO 14001:2004?

The news of ISO 14001:2015 was bit surprised as the travelling duration of obsolete version – 2004 was very long to – 2015 and new environment challenges to the organizations were getting higher globally.

The latest version brought great changes within it specially for the integration with other ISO standards i.e. ISO 9001, ISO 27001. The basic structure of ISO 14001:2015 is similar to ISO 9001:2015 but with the difference of management scope of environment and high level structure changes leads toward Annex SL.

It also gives the vision of “Proactive Approach” to resolve the matters of EMS in and out the organization.

The leading element of this marvelous standard is ‘Environment Aspects and their related impacts’ to the organization has been upgraded to the ‘Risk and Opportunity Factor’ this change makes this element more impressive in terms of proactive approach and take preventive measures in contrast of preventive action in the clauses of continual improvement. However, the requirement of preventive action has become obsolete.

Following changes has been encountered for this standard of EMS:

  • Confidentiality of interested parties
  • To understand the environment needs of interested parties
  • Elaborate the internal and external environment through the business processes
  • Monitoring and measurement requirement has been enhanced
  • Meeting the statutory and regulatory requirements have been enhanced
  • Management commitments have been replaced as ‘Strategic Management’
  • Continuous dynamic situations of organizations


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  1. usufanif
    Feb 1, 2017

    What is NEW in this EMS standard?

    • Mar 11, 2017

      Thanks for your comments. This new version of ISO 14001:2015 carries many changes related to its requirements but more than all it carries the changes related to its structure of standard. This is the ultimate point to use think tanks. The structure of ISO 14001:2015 follows is Annex-SL. (A modern structure being used for all ISO Standards have been launched post of 2013 and going to launch in future)

      Now this topic has been diverted to Annex-SL to elaborate the new requirements of EMS standard. Therefore, to understand Annex-SL we as Global Standards are offering the guidance services in form of ‘Consultancy’ rest we are offering Annex-SL CQI-IRCA accredited (approved) one day course.

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