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What is ISO 26000?

The ISO 26000 standard of guideline establishes the principles and guidelines of the concept of social responsibility. These standards also offer guidance and suggestions on implementation methods for different kinds of organizations (companies, NGOs, unions, etc) to start operating in a socially responsible way. In this way, it is expected that companies with this certification act ethically, transparently, and contribute to the welfare of society.

Any private or public organization wishing to establish the scope of its social responsibility according to the criteria of the ISO 26000 standard must begin by reflecting on 7 central issues:

  • Organizational governance
  • Human rights
  • Labor practices
  • Environmental responsibility
  • The fairness of organizational practices
  • Consumer and consumer protection issues
  • Evolving and developing communities

It is similar to the basic principles of social compliance (CSR) standards. i.e. SA 8000, SMETA, WRAP, BSCI, FLA.