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What are the core values and beliefs of a quality culture?

The Core Values and Beliefs of a Quality Culture are:

  • Customer focus – Quality is defined and judged by the customers. The mission of quality organizations is centered upon customer satisfaction. Organizational processes and procedures are designed to meet the requirements of both the external and internal customer
  • Employee involvement and empowerment – Employees are empowered to serve customers well and believe that they have the power to make things happen.
  • Open and honest communication – Employees speak the truth and quality issues are discussed, rather than hidden or ignored. Quality cannot be achieved when employees fear retribution for their candor. Employees also handle conflict constructively by confronting and resolving it.
  • Fact – Based problem solving and decision making-Facts or reliable data and not opinions or hearsay form the basis of solving problems systematically or making intelligent decisions.
  • Continuous improvement as a way of life – Quality is a moving target; there is no one best or optimum level of quality. Organizations have to continuously improve the quality of their products and services to stay ahead in an increasingly competitive business world. In short, quality improvement is a never-ending journey.
  • Teamwork throughout the organization – In a quality culture, there is close cooperation between managers and employees and among departments. Teamwork is crucial as it creates a sense of ownership and commitment. Equally important, it breaks down divisional and functional barriers.
  • Process management – Long-lasting quality improvement is attained through preventive management i.e. building quality into the work processes. Quality should be attained through the prevention of errors and defects, and not through inspection. The focus is on prevention rather than firefighting, fixing, and damage control.
  • Rewards and recognition – In a quality culture, rewards and recognition are based upon attainment of quality goals and demonstration of appropriate behavior.