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What are the benefits of ISO 26000?

What are the benefits of ISO 26000; According to the ‘International Organization for Standardization’, a good organizational performance on social responsibility can have a positive impact in:

  1. HR, as it attracts and retains workers, members, clients, and users;
  2. Marketing and customer engagement, since it improves brand reputation;
  3. Increasing the commitment and productivity of employees;
  4. No child labour
  5. Limited time management of working
  6. To meet requirements of Remunerations as per by laws
  7.  Discrimination
  8. Anti-Harassments
  9. Occupational health and safety
  10. Management Requirements

The relationships with stakeholders such as governments, the media, other companies and communities and their perceptions on the organization’s performances and commitments ISO 26000/

Organizations have to adopt the guideline of ISO 26000:2010 version to understand the core requirements of above elements of this amazing guideline cum standard however, standard is not auditable but still has the potential to adopt by the suggestion of experts like Global Standards Consultants to make the organization’s staff competent by delivering them content training against ISO 26000 standard. Do contact us.

There are so many other NON ISO standards also available which are auditable however, ISO 26000 is just a guideline introduced by ISO. therefore it could be the answer of What are the benefits of ISO 26000?