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What are benefits of ISO 37001 Anti-Bribery Management System standard on the organization?

Being an all-encompassing standard that is integrated with other management systems, the ISO 37001:2016 ABMS certification provides several benefits:

  • Competitive advantage over other organizations
  • Greater awareness on the output of bribery
  • Enhanced aptitude for the prevention of corruption
  • Expansion of business opportunities
  • Continual improvement of services and products
  • Enhancement of the organization’s reputation
  • Facilitation of efficient management operations
  • Apt demonstration of legal compliance and assurance
  • Reduction in structural and miscellaneous costs
  • Escalation of organizational assets
  • Better implementation of compliance programs
  • Precise execution of significant measures
  • Increase in business efficiency and effectivity
  • Superior trust and transparency
  • Reduction of malpractice and other hazards
  • Protection of resources and other capitals
  • Easy integration to existing management systems
  • Appropriate utilization as a due diligence evidence
  • Accurate evaluation of organization’s position
  • Recognition and deterrence of immediate threats
  • Placement of adequate procedures to combat risks
  • Timely observation and development of controls
  • Execution of feasible anti-bribery procedures
  • Practice of internationally recognized processes
  • Establishment of ethical global practice