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ISO 22000:2018


An International Standard of Food
Safety System for Food and Associated

Success through management excellence

What is the difference between HACCP and GAP Certification?

Global Standards is happy to guide about Food Safety Management System – ISO 22000:2018 in a way that can easily be understood. Safety in food is the natural phenomena for all the species Therefore, having food with hygienic condition is highly prioritized option for the selection

FSMS – A poineer standard for food safety standard every launched by ISO; however, HACCP guidelines existed as checkpoints rather than comprehensive standard. This standard of FSMS includes the HACCP points.

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White Paper - ISO 22000:2018 Food Safety Management System

ISO 22000 is an international standard designed to ensure worldwide safe food supply chains and provide a framework of internationally harmonized requirements for the global approach that is needed.

A major resulting benefit is that ISO 22000 makes it easier for organizations to implement the Codex Alimentarius HACCP (Hazards Analysis and Critical Control Points) system for food hygiene in a harmonized way, which does not vary with thecountry or food product concerned.

ISO 22000 allows all types of organizations within the food supply chain to implement a food safety management system.The supply chain members range from farms, feed producers, primary producers, food manufacturers, transport and storage operators and subcontractors to retail and food service outlets together with related business such as producers of equipment, packaging material, cleaning agents, additives and ingredients.

Food safety management systems that conform to ISO 22000 can be certified. This answers the
growing demand in the food sector for the certification of suppliers. The standard can also be implemented solely for the benefits it provides without certification of conformity.

Who can adopt this Standard ?

ISO 22000 is the only one to cover all organizations that produce, manufacture, handle, or supply food or feed,
such as:

• Agricultural producers
• Feed and food manufacturers
• Processors
• Food outlets and caterers
• Retailers
• Service providers
• Transportation operators
• Storage providers
• Equipment manufacturers
• Biochemical manufacturers
• Packaging material manufacturers

White Paper - ISO 22000:2018 Food Safety Management System


� Greater Impact on Customer
� Increase Transparency
� Streamlined Production
� Minimization of Significant Food Risks
� Effective Control of internal processes
� Increase staff motivation
� Focus kept on essential challenges
� Reduce the cost of nonconformities
The Industries relevant to.
� Farmers
� Growers
� Feed producers
� Food manufacturers and processors
� Food ingredient producers
� Food storage, distribution and transport organizations
� Caterers
� Retailers
� Food service operators such as restaurants and fast food outlets

Global Standards provides the coverage of FSMS for the clients who wish their food safety system hygienic and think a step ahead of only applying the critical control points.

© 2017 Global Standards. All rights reserverd for this documented information shared for reading purpose only.

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