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Global Standards Consultants (Private) Limited; started as an ISO Certification Consultancy firm in diversified industry of Pakistan since 2010 and today has grown with addition to cover Business Management Consultancy and IRCA Certified Training Programs of Lead Auditor while current scope continues satisfactorily. As a result it spread all over the country for different sector of industries especially public and private sectors to deliver as much as it could be delivered to value clients for internationally recognized standards. Hence; Global Standards Consultants (Private) Limited welcomes and encourages to adopt internationally acceptable standards and certifications of industry to grow the homeland.

Core following services are offered:

  • Business Consultancy
  • Certified Training Programs
  • Third Party Audits

As matter of fact Global Standards has delivered services to the industries that use their potential to both imports as far as exports in the light of successful services including ISO Certification.

  • Garments Industries
  • Towels Industries
  • Rice Processors and Exporters
  • Printing and Packaging
  • Dyeing and Processing
  • Aromatics and Perfume
  • Chemical and Auxiliaries
  • Motorcycle Assembler and Engineering works
  • Clearing and Freight Forwarding
  • General Trading and Whole sellers
  • Fumigation and Pest Controllers
  • Label Manufacturers
  • Heat Transfer Printers
  • Logistics and Transporters
  • Non-Destructive Testing Services
  • Engineering Companies
  • Plastic and Aluminum Tubes Manufacturing
  • Telecommunication Equipment Fabricator
  • Maintenance Services of Quality Control
  • Construction Companies
  • Hina (Mehndi)
  • Construction Material Manufacturing
  • Plastic Product Manufacturing
  • General Hospitals
  • Dental Clinics
  • Asset Management and Stock Trading
  • Medical Laboratories
  • Off-dock Terminals
  • Educational Institutes
  • Harbor Ports
  • Engineering Work shops
  • Black Carbon Manufacturers
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Herbal Medicines
  • Credit Services

ISO Certification Implications
First; audits are executed post of comprehensive services
of consultancy that increases the confidence prior execution of audit
process in the light of experts suggestions. Therefore, in addition Global Standards has aim to ensure the assurance of best implementation examples across or as result prosperous outcomes while to accomplish the deliverable of services comparatively.



*Global Standards Consultants (Private) Limited wish to see itself a leading business management consultancy and ISO certification firm round the Pakistan.


**Since; our mission is to provide supreme solution against existing problems through justification(s) for business firms round the world.  While to pursue the organizations towards better implementation their adopted management plans for today, future and further to protect their history remains last long. Since, we believe to update our expertise to deliver better services considering qualitative, social, and environmental concerns. Therefore; Our employees are the pillars of firm that always try to deliver valuable services.


Global Standards Consultants (Private) Limited is training partner for ‘CQI-IRCA’ accredited Lead Auditor Courses consequently other programs like Internal Auditor courses. Checkout training page.

ISO Certification
Business Management

 Global Standards offer in-depth expertise in a large number of highly specific areas identically across different industries and also sectors …

ISO Certification

Global Standards is training partner for ‘CQI-IRCA’ as well as ‘I.A.S’ accredited Lead Auditor Courses consequently other programs. Checkout training page.

ISO Certification
ISO Certification
Audit & Inspection

Delivering services in the sector of auditing is our focused area as well as inspection services consequently to ensure the best to deliver.


In the first impression; it seems ISO certification and its implementation through consultancy neither work nor
deliver effective outcomes ultimately. In the light, of fact it may not be true.
It all depends upon the selection of source or consultant or expert who is going to deliver the desired services in view of organizational concerns to explore the ISO implementation.
With this intention here equally; important is the support of organization to understand not only the needs but also the expectations of desired
standard for its better implementation in order to meet the implications comparatively. Both are equally and identically
important despite of resources already the part of system. We; Global Standards encourage organizations to
select right source of expert for their value organizational system and flourish their system by all means. While, Global
Standards shall always promote the strategic direction to achieve the maximization of business and profitable margins.

Thus, client has to think and rethink the best selection of service partner to get them not only healthy but certified the system through which; they could penetrate into the market and get the fruitful results like getting maximum business. However, client has to ensure the credibility of service providers before getting into the business; finally.

The everlasting innings starts from single inning. Never think how you grow but start to grow


ISO Certification


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